Health Codes For Operating A Pizzeria

Posted on: 5 April 2017

Many of the health codes for operating a restaurant are the same for operating a pizzeria. However, there are some additional health codes that apply to food that is prepared from scratch and by hand, such as pizzas and subs. If you own and operate a pizzeria, you should regularly check to see if your employees are in violation of any of the following health codes. You do not want any of the fines or punishments attached to these violations.

Washing Hands after Using the Restroom

It is terrifying to think that any employee preparing a pizza would think it is okay to skip washing their hands and then prepare food. (The scene in the TV show Seinfeld comes to mind, where "Pappi" uses the restroom and then doesn't wash his hands before making Jerry a pizza.) This is a major health hazard for the consumers as the bacteria on the employee's hands is transferred to the pizza and could seriously affect the customer's health. Stress to your employees the importance of hand-washing, and if they do not get it, show them a video on food safety and biohazards in the work place.

Wearing Gloves While Handling Raw Ingredients

All employees should wear plastic kitchen or food prep gloves when handling ingredients. This prevents the transfer of bacteria from raw meat to veggies, and from already infected vegges to the raw meats. It is also more hygienic and makes customers feel better knowing that someone with hangnails or healing sore spots on their fingers did not prepare their food bare-handed.

Trimmed Nails

The ladies like to wear fancy nails. While that is fine and good, it does not work for tossing pizza dough in the air and catching it or keeping contaminants from getting into the food. It does not matter that someone with fancy nails keeps the undersides of the nails and the nail beds free of dirt and questionable materials. Nails have to be trimmed back when you are working with food, period.

Thoroughly Washed Produce

Finally, just as your employees have to keep their hands clean and trim, your produce has to be clean too. Most people do not realize that fresh, raw veggies may contain contaminants and pesticides that should be washed off before preparing the veggies for consumption. Make sure your employees are thoroughly washing all of the vegetables you cut up and use on your pizzas.