Have A Significant Other Who Is Agoraphobic? How To Still Have Great Meals Together

Posted on: 10 April 2017

If you are in a relationship with a person that suffers from a condition known as agoraphobia, life and dating can sometimes be a challenge. After all, a person who is agoraphobic become highly anxious and worried in crowds and unfamiliar spaces, to the point where they cannot function in those situations. This can make it tough to go out to restaurants and have evenings of great food, great drinks, and romance together. However, there are ways to go about having great meals together with your significant other with agoraphobia. Get to know some of those options so you can be sure you and your significant other do not miss out on anything together because of their condition.  

Find a Food Delivery Service to Pick Up Takeout for You

One option is to have your meals delivered. Many restaurants offer food delivery, and there are also food delivery services and errand running services that are popping up all over the country, in cities big and small. These companies offer an array of services, but in the case of you and your agoraphobic significant other, one of the best ones will be that they can bring you food from great restaurants around the city that do not otherwise offer delivery services.

This means that you and your significant other can stay in on the couch and watch a movie while the food delivery service employee orders your food, goes to the restaurant, waits for the order to be ready, pays for it, and drives to your house. Then, all you need to do is pay the delivery driver when they get to the house, and you and your significant other will be free to enjoy a delicious restaurant meal with no anxiety or pressure.

Consider a Specialized Ingredient Delivery Service

Another option to help you to have great meals with your significant other is to invest in a service that delivers ingredients right to your door for great meals. These services provide you with the recipes and enough of every ingredient to make meals for two (or for four if you choose a larger package). Then, you just need to prep the ingredients and follow the recipe to create a wonderful gourmet meal.

The recipes and offerings change weekly and monthly, so you will always have a variety of options and choices. With such service, you and your significant other will not only get to eat great meals together, but you can also have fun in the kitchen prepping and cooking the food you will eat. This may even become a tradition for the two of you over time.

These options will help you to ensure you and your agoraphobic significant other do not miss out on any experiences together, including fantastic meals.