Chinese Food For People On A Diet

Posted on: 24 July 2017

If you're on a diet, then you might be wondering what you can order the next time you want to get Chinese food delivery. Some people are afraid to order in food from take-out restaurants because they are under the impression that the food is all calorie dense and unhealthy. But that is not the case. There are lots of healthy options you can find when you're in the mood for Chinese food. So, you don't have to skip the delicious take out and suffer through yet anther salad. Here are three ideas to choose from:

Beef and Broccoli Without Sauce

One of the classic meals you can get at any Chinese take out shop is beef and broccoli. The dish is great because it's full of protein and fiber. The beef provides the protein, which is great when you're on a diet. And the broccoli is full of hunger satiating fiber. The main thing to consider is that you want to skip the sauce. The sauce is the thing that really packs on the calories. It's because sauce is often filled with sugars and calorie laden oils. So, when you are ordering the dish, make sure that you ask the chef to simply leave off the sauce or to just use a small amount. Also, when you are ordering the dish, consider having just brown rice as a side instead of white rice. Brown rice has extra protein and fiber.

Steamed Vegetables

Another cool dish to try is any variety of steamed vegetables. This is low calorie, and will fill you up. The dish is made of a variety of classic Chinese vegetables such as water chestnuts, and bamboo shoots, as well as things such as carrots, baby corn, and eggplant. The dish is sometimes called Buddha's Delight. This name was given to the dish because the vegetarian Buddhist monks were particularly fond of this dish.

Steamed vegetables can be served either plain or with a light dressing of soy sauce. You can serve the vegetables over brown rice.

Eggplant In Garlic Sauce

Another good dish to consider is eggplant in garlic sauce. The eggplant is stewed and is served in a garlicky ginger sauce. The sauce has calories, but the eggplant is a healthy option for people who want to avoid meat or fish for dietary reasons. Eggplant is full of fiber, low calorie, and really tasty. The eggplant and garlic sauce can be served over a bed of brown rice. You don't need much of the eggplant and sauce to really liven up the brown rice and create a low calorie, healthy dish.