Offer The Taste Of These Famous Cities As Burger Toppings

Posted on: 25 June 2018

When you own a burger restaurant like Liberty Burger, you want to offer a menu that gives patrons something well beyond what they get at fast-food establishments. When it comes to a sit-down experience focused around hamburgers, being able to put together a menu loaded with enticing options is important. One type of feature that you can offer on your burger menu is burgers that are inspired by different cities around North America. Many cities have a notable food item, and incorporating that item as burger toppings can give your diners plenty to rave about. Here are three cities and how you can incorporate their flavors onto your burgers.


Buffalo wings are the most famous food of Buffalo, New York, and while your burger restaurant might actually have chicken wings on the menu, you can incorporate this flavor onto a burger. Buffalo hot sauce can work as a perfect burger condiment, while chunky blue cheese dip — which is the preferred dipping sauce of Buffalo wing lovers — can either work as a topping or as a crust seared onto the patty. For a crunch, finely dice some carrots and celery sticks, as these veggies are commonly served alongside Buffalo wings.


Austin, Texas has a big-time barbecue scene — although you can say the same thing about virtually any major city across the state. Incorporating the tastes of barbecue onto a burger can range from simple to complex. For simplicity, some pieces of sliced brisket or a pile of pulled pork placed on the patty and topped with barbecue sauce can be suitable. If you really want to get creative, try to incorporate the other barbecue restaurant staples as burger toppings — baked beans, macaroni and cheese, and more. You may even wish to experiment with two slices of cornbread instead of a traditional hamburger roll.


Chicago, Illinois has a handful of notable famous foods — and while deep-dish pizza might be atop this list, focus on the Chicago hot dog. It's renowned for its selection of unique toppings, which can actually work well on a burger, as some of the ingredients are staples on many peoples' burgers. Mustard and relish are two mainstays of the Chicago-style dog, but a thick piece of a dill pickle and a dusting of celery seed are the other ingredients that you can add to your Chicago-inspired burger. Serve the burger on a poppy seed roll to accurately tie into the hot dog idea.