Start Making Your Own Desserts: Kitchen Essentials To Help Your Chef Make Sweet Menu Items

Posted on: 23 December 2018

One of the biggest decisions that a restaurateur will have is whether to buy desserts and sell them or to have them made in-house. It can be easy to have cakes and other sweets delivered and then put them on the menu, but it can also be a big selling point to have a restaurant that makes all of the desserts on the menu from scratch. There are a lot of people out there who will only go to a restaurant that serves items that are cooked on site in the kitchen and not brought in from some outside bakery or restaurant supply store. In addition to bringing in the crowds that love homemade desserts, you are also going to save a lot of money. When you have your chef making the desserts as opposed to purchasing them from outside stores, your profit margin is going to increase. So, here are some things you will need to get for your kitchen.

Cake Pans and Tart Pans with Removable Bottoms

Everyone loves cakes and pies. These are two of the most popular dessert items you will have on your restaurant's menu. And you will need cake pans and pie pans for your chefs to make them. It's important to invest in some good quality materials. You don't want to get flimsy pans that won't stand up to constant use. So, make sure that you choose ones that are designed for heavy restaurant use. Also, it's a good idea to get pans that have removable bottoms. These are perfect for chefs who are going to be making multiple cakes or desserts a day. These removable bottoms make it easier for taking the cakes and pies out without worrying about the crust getting stuck.

Cupcake Tins In A Variety Of Sizes

If you're going to start having your chefs bake, then it makes sense to have them also make cupcakes. You will need to get cupcake tins (which might be called muffin tins) and can then have the chefs bake multiple batches of cupcakes while they are making regular cakes. They could also use the tins and make muffins, which is great if you have a nice breakfast and lunch crowd.

Milkshake Machine

Milkshakes are a classic dessert that lots of people like. And one of the best things you can do is use a milkshake machine to make real ice cream milkshakes from scratch. People will love that you make something that is not a big mix of sugar and fake flavors and is, instead, a real classic milkshake. So many places don't offer these so you will draw in a crowd that is really enthusiastic about these real ice cream milkshakes.