Ordering Chinese Takeout: Tips For A Better Experience

Posted on: 15 October 2019

Chinese takeout is a classic choice when you're hungry, short on time, and craving something tasty. You probably order Chinese takeout without putting much thought into it. Maybe you already have a go-to order or dishes you order each time. However, you're not getting the full Chinese food experience unless you adhere to these tips.

1. Share with friends.

Why eat just one dish when you can try three or four? Whenever you order Chinese food with your friends, suggest that you order some dishes as a group and share them, rather than each ordering your own dish. This way, you won't get bored halfway though a dish. You can have a few bites of something salty, a few of something sweet, and so forth.

2. Ask for the soy sauce and duck sauce.

Many American Chinese restaurants go a little easy on the seasoning in an effort not to overwhelm the palates of their customers. And the dishes are still tasty with this lighter seasoning. But if you want to enjoy the dishes even more, you need to ask the restaurant to send some soy sauce and duck sauce with your order. A little extra soy sauce adds saltiness, which brings out the other flavors in the dish. And duck sauce has a touch of sweetness, which complements the saltiness of most Chinese dishes well.

3. Order white rice with stir fries.

If you order a stir fry dish, such as beef with broccoli or chicken with snow peas, make sure you order white rice with it. (Some restaurants include this automatically.) These dishes come with a lot of sauce, and by spooning the dish over the white rice, the rice absorbs the sauce and takes on its flavor. The texture of the white rice, combined with that of the veggies and the meat, adds balance to the dish.

4. Order a soup.

There are a couple of good soups you'll find on most Chinese menus. Hot and sour soup is a really good choice if you like spicy things. Egg drop soup is a bit milder and is also very savory and tasty. Always order a soup when you order Chinese food. It's a nice way to finish your meal with something a bit lighter.

If you follow the tips above when ordering Chinese food, you'll have an even better experience — whether your favorite is moo goo gai pan, lo mein, or something else entirely. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Empress Express.