Three Ways To Order A Bloody Mary

Posted on: 1 March 2021

Whether you're visiting an establishment to have a few drinks with friends or you're perusing the drink menu to find a cocktail to enjoy before a meal with a significant other, there are many options that may appeal to you. At most establishments, you shouldn't be surprised to see a Bloody Mary on the menu. It's a popular beverage that has a base of tomato juice, making it stand out from many other drinks on the menu. This cocktail also includes vodka, which can make it a tasty option for those who enjoy this type of alcohol. If you're planning to order a Bloody Mary, there are several ways that you can proceed. Here are three options.


If you favor traditional cocktails, a classic Bloody Mary can be a good choice. In addition to the tomato juice and vodka, this drink will typically have a celery stalk and a skewer with a couple of green olives, giving you something to munch on before, during, or after you finish the drink. A combination of spices and salt around the rim of your glass can be tempting to taste as you sip this cocktail. Some establishments give you the option of ordering your Bloody Mary on the spicy side, which can be exciting if you enjoy hotter flavors.

Heavily Garnished

A lot of establishments offer appealing twists on the classic Bloody Mary. Commonly, you'll find cocktails that are heavily garnished. In addition to the classic additions of celery and olives, you'll find that this drink may have a skewer of shrimp — which can make it seem a little like a shrimp cocktail in a glass. Bacon is also a popular garnish for some of these drinks. In some cases, you can order this drink with even more garnishes, including a burger. A heavily garnished Bloody Mary can almost be a meal in itself, as well as give you a share-worthy photo for social media.

Bloody Maria

If you enjoy the flavor of tomato juice but you aren't the biggest fan of vodka, one variation to consider is a Bloody Maria. This drink is popular in Mexican establishments, and commonly uses tequila instead of vodka. Some Bloody Marias have garnishes that are in alignment with Mexican cuisine — for example, you might find a drink that has a pickled jalapeno pepper on a skewer, given the popularity of this type of pepper in Mexican food.