Some Do's and Don'ts for Restaurant Wedding Receptions

Posted on: 8 September 2021

Do you want an affordable wedding reception that's easy to put together and more intimate than most? Then a restaurant wedding reception might be perfect for you and your fiancé. To help you create the perfect post-nuptial party, here are a few valuable dos and don'ts. 

Do Look for a Fun Menu

A highlight of any restaurant wedding is the chance to rethink the idea of a wedding menu. Have fun with restaurant and food selection, personalizing it to your own style and taste. Try their signature dishes, mix and match, and create a limited wedding guest menu that makes you happy. Your guests will enjoy the break from the cliché of 'chicken or fish' at your wedding. 

Don't Forget to Plan for Drinks

Will your wedding include wine, beer, or other alcoholic beverages? If so, make a plan in advance to deal with ordering and paying for drinks. If drinks will be included, set some ground rules with the restaurant and bar staff, letting them know what's on the menu. If guests will pay for their own drinks, make sure you're clear with both wait staff and your guests so that there aren't any awkward bar tabs left over. 

Do Discuss Your Plans

Don't surprise the restaurant staff with your decorating or party plans on the day of the reception. Restaurant staff are happy to work with couples and their guests to help everyone have a great time, so let them know what you want to accomplish so they can work with you as much as possible. The more communication you have with restaurant staff, the smoother things will go. 

Don't Overlook Practicalities

While you want to focus on the charm, elegance, or quirkiness of your chosen restaurant setting, don't overlook the need to accommodate your guests in practical ways. There should be ample parking on the day of the reception so guests aren't wasting time looking for spaces. They should have adequate bathroom facilities. And you don't want too much noise pollution spilling into the room. 

Do Choose Great Ambience

If you find a restaurant with plenty of natural charm, you have less work to do to decorate it. For instance, look for a place with quirky décor, a funky mural, a great outdoor patio with a fire pit, a rooftop bar, interesting architecture, or an amazing view. Venues whose characteristics bring a lot to the table mean you can focus on the party without worrying about creating the ambience needed. 

Where to Start

Get started today finding the perfect restaurant venue for your reception. Tour and taste at local restaurants as a couple to see what they have to offer. The result is sure to be a simpler wedding reception that provides everyone with a great experience. 

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