Catering Services: Can You Have Barbecue On The Holidays?

Posted on: 23 November 2021

If you seek to spice up the holiday season with something other than baked turkey or ham, consider barbecue. Barbecue isn't just for the summer. You can also consume barbecued beef roast, chicken, pork, and even turkey for the holidays through a catering service. Learn more about holiday barbecue and how you can order it through catering below.

Why Is Barbecue Great for Holidays?

Many families in the United States barbecue during the summer. But once fall and winter arrive, many families put away their barbecue grills and prepare for the cold season. You can still enjoy barbecued foods in the fall and winter seasons.

You can enjoy different types of barbecued foods, including chicken and pork. However, you can also consume grilled fruits and vegetables. Seasonal foods, such as acorn squash, leeks, and zucchini, make excellent winter replacements for summer corn and tomatoes. Even fresh fruit, such as pears and plums, work well in the cold season.

You can enjoy the foods above during the holidays with or without sauce and other favorite seasonings. If you're ready to spice up your holidays with barbecue, contact a catering company today.

What Should You Do Right Now?

Before you order your holiday barbecue items from a catering company, make a list of foods your family enjoys to eat the most. A catering company can use the information to create a menu of items for your seasonal gatherings. Be sure to choose items that cater to everyone in your family to avoid issues during the festivities.

Many catering companies also offer special menu items for customers. The menus contain items with unique flavors, seasonings, and spices, such as chipotle mayonnaise. If you're pressed for time, preorder your meals from the special menus as soon as possible. A catering company will need to know a few more things from you about your order, including the:

  • number of guests you expect to receive or serve during meals
  • time you expect to consume your meals
  • type of table setup you expect to have during your meals

You want to compile a list of guests to serve during the holidays, including people who may or may not come to your home for meals. A catering company can estimate the amount of food and beverages you may need for your meals. 

Also, a barbecue catering company may also provide table decorations, plates, and other items for your meals. If you need these services, inform a caterer immediately to avoid delays for your meals.

Learn more about barbecue catering services during the holidays by contacting a service provider today.