Unique, Modern Types of Restaurants to Consider Opening

Posted on: 18 February 2022

Even just a decade ago, most restaurants were places where you sat down at a table, chose a dish off a reasonably long menu, and enjoyed the dish once a server brought it to your table. There are still a lot of restaurants that operate in this format. However, there are now far more options, too. Here are some more modern types of restaurants you may want to open if your goal is to stand out from the crowd.

Ghost Kitchens

These days, people are ordering takeout more often, and dining inside physical restaurants less often. If you want to open a restaurant that really focuses on takeout, then you may want to open a ghost kitchen. Such restaurants do not have storefronts or seating areas. They're just kitchens—all of the food is delivered, either by your own drivers or by those who work for third-party apps. Running a ghost kitchen is a good choice if you want to keep overhead low, lease a smaller space, and employ a smaller staff. All you need is a kitchen staff and perhaps someone to take the orders.

Food-Theme Restaurants

While restaurants typically offer a variety of dishes on the menu, food-theme restaurants take the only approach. They only offer one food, but prepared in multiple ways. For example, a restaurant may serve only poutine but five different types of poutine. Or they may only serve ramen, but six different types of ramen. This setup really allows your chef to perfect the few dishes that they serve. It also minimizes your inventory and keeps your kitchen streamlined.

Time-Setting Restaurants

Another fun, modern approach is opening restaurants that are themed after a certain time period or decade. For example, you could open a 1920s-themed restaurant where all of the decor is gaudy and flapper-themed, and where you serve 1920s dishes like Oysters Rockefeller and Duchess Potatoes. Or, you could open a 1970s restaurant where the floors are olive and orange, your severs wear bell-bottoms, and the menu features dishes like Pasta Primavera and carrot cake. Guests enjoy feeling like they have been transported to a different time as they dine; it's an entertaining break from daily life.

If you want to open a successful restaurant, it's important to set yourself apart. Consider the less traditional approaches above. From ghost kitchens to time-setting restaurants, it is all about creating an experience your customers will find intriguing.