Visiting A Pizza Restaurant On A Low-Carb Diet

Posted on: 25 May 2022

Pizza is delicious, but if you are following a low-carb diet, it may not be near the top of your list of food options. What if your friends and family members want to visit a pizza restaurant, though? Do you have to say "no" and stay home since you're watching your carbohydrate intake? Not at all! You can dine at most pizza restaurants without wrecking your diet. Here are a few tips to help you do so.

Ask about low-carb crust options

Most of the carbs in pizza do come from the crust. So, if the pizza restaurant offers a low-carb crust, you can create a pizza that adheres to your dietary needs pretty closely. Some pizza restaurants offer a cauliflower crust, which is a pretty delicious, low-carb option. Others may offer a low-carb crust that they make with a high-protein flour, like almond flour.

If the restaurant does not offer a specific, low-carb crust option, then you may just want to order a thin crust. It will still contain some carbs, but less than you'd find in a thicker, more bread-like crust.

Don't get extra sauce

Tomato sauce is a low-calorie option, so some dieters do like to ask for extra tomato sauce on their pizza as a way of adding flavor without a lot of extra calories. But while tomato sauce is low-calorie, most of the calories it does contain come from carbohydrates. So, don't ask for extra sauce on your pizza. And if the restaurant offers multiple saucing options, choose the "light" sauce. You'll also want to avoid "sweet sauce" if the restaurant offers it. Sweet sauce typically contains more sugar than ordinary sauce.

Load up with toppings

While pizza crust and sauce tend to contain lots of carbs, pizza toppings tend to be low in carbs. Cheeses, meats, and veggies are all low-carb options, and most pizza toppings fall into those categories. So, feel free to make up for the fact that your pizza has a thin crust and less sauce by adding some extra cheese or a few additional toppings. Do try to include some veggies; their high fiber content will ensure you feel full so you don't over-indulge.

If you're on a low-carb diet and have been invited to a pizza restaurant, you can accept the invitation. Follow the tips above when placing your order, and you'll end up with a tasty pizza that also meets your dietary needs.