Ethan Medina

  • Unique, Modern Types of Restaurants to Consider Opening

    Even just a decade ago, most restaurants were places where you sat down at a table, chose a dish off a reasonably long menu, and enjoyed the dish once a server brought it to your table. There are still a lot of restaurants that operate in this format. However, there are now far more options, too. Here are some more modern types of restaurants you may want to open if your goal is to stand out from the crowd. [Read More]

  • Catering Services: Can You Have Barbecue On The Holidays?

    If you seek to spice up the holiday season with something other than baked turkey or ham, consider barbecue. Barbecue isn't just for the summer. You can also consume barbecued beef roast, chicken, pork, and even turkey for the holidays through a catering service. Learn more about holiday barbecue and how you can order it through catering below. Why Is Barbecue Great for Holidays? Many families in the United States barbecue during the summer. [Read More]

  • Some Do's and Don'ts for Restaurant Wedding Receptions

    Do you want an affordable wedding reception that's easy to put together and more intimate than most? Then a restaurant wedding reception might be perfect for you and your fiancĂ©. To help you create the perfect post-nuptial party, here are a few valuable dos and don'ts.  Do Look for a Fun Menu A highlight of any restaurant wedding is the chance to rethink the idea of a wedding menu. Have fun with restaurant and food selection, personalizing it to your own style and taste. [Read More]

  • Tips For Branching Out Into Vegan Food

    So many people today are beginning to adopt a plant-based way of eating. There are plenty of vegan food options that you can check out that will tickle your tastebuds if you're interested in something new. To this end, it's up to you to find some great vegan restaurant selections in your local and surrounding area. This article will teach you more about vegan food so that you can begin scoping out the best offerings. [Read More]

  • Three Ways To Order A Bloody Mary

    Whether you're visiting an establishment to have a few drinks with friends or you're perusing the drink menu to find a cocktail to enjoy before a meal with a significant other, there are many options that may appeal to you. At most establishments, you shouldn't be surprised to see a Bloody Mary on the menu. It's a popular beverage that has a base of tomato juice, making it stand out from many other drinks on the menu. [Read More]

  • Pizza Delivery: Tips For Success

    When it comes to finding a place to order pizza from, many people may turn to the usual larger chain that offers the same options every time. However, others may crave a more personalized experience where they are can create a pie that is exactly what they are craving at that moment. Whether it be a delivery request for a whole party or just for a couple about to enjoy a movie night, ordering a pizza should be an experience that always brings a positive outcome. [Read More]

  • 5 Unique Pizza Topping Combinations

    It is easy to get into a rhythm and stick to the same pizza toppings. However, one of the great things about pizza is that there are so many different pizza topping possibilities. With pizza, the topping combinations are almost endless, which is why it is time to mix up your pizza toppings and flavors. #1: Taco Pizza If you love to eat tacos, bring that love to your pizza! You can create many different types of taco pizzas. [Read More]

  • 5 Ways Healthy Meal Kits Can Change Your Life For The Better

    Trying to eat healthy all the time takes a lot of effort and work. For many people, it's a struggle to stay on top of their healthy eating goals. The good news is it's now easier to do so, thanks to healthy meal kits. These kits can be delivered right to your home, and they have all the ingredients needed to create a delicious meal. You can get meal kits that are already fully put together, and you can get some kits that require you to do some of the prep work. [Read More]

  • Starting A Food Truck? Two Reasons To Invest In A Convection Oven

    If you love to cook and want to make a career out of it, starting a food truck is a great way to make that dream come true. Food trucks are wonderful for chefs because they allow you to avoid some of the massive overhead that you would traditionally have to absorb if you were to open a brick-and-mortar restaurant. You'll also get to travel each day and possibly meet some amazing people along the way. [Read More]

  • Ordering Chinese Takeout: Tips For A Better Experience

    Chinese takeout is a classic choice when you're hungry, short on time, and craving something tasty. You probably order Chinese takeout without putting much thought into it. Maybe you already have a go-to order or dishes you order each time. However, you're not getting the full Chinese food experience unless you adhere to these tips. 1. Share with friends. Why eat just one dish when you can try three or four? [Read More]